SMB Stucco Masonry Bond


SILPRO SMB STUCCO MASONRY BOND® is an acrylic latex that can be used as an admix/internal bonding agent for the enhanced adhesion, abrasion resistance, tensile and flexural strength of stucco, mortar, concrete and plaster.

SMB can also be used as a bonding agent to increase the bond during all types patching, overlays, plaster and stucco applications.


  • Increases Bond Strength
  • Improves Strength (Flexural, Tensile, Abrasion Resistance) of Stucco, Mortar, Concrete and Plaster
  • Reduces shrinkage, cracking, chipping, spalling and delamination
  • Low VOC (less than 4 grams per liter)
  • Non-rewettable (can be submerged in water