RAECO SKIMWALL is a fast-setting, smooth-textured, high strength, single component, concrete repair compound for exterior or interior concrete walls and floors. Consisting of a uniform, premixed blend of Portland cements and select aggregates with polymer modification to promote lasting surface adhesion, SkimWall is used for renovation and new construction.

Performance Characteristics:

  • Fast Setting allows painting or sealing within 60 minutes
  • Strong. 3500 P.S.I. compressive strength
  • No primer needed. Polymer modified, strong bonding and high flexural strength
  • Install in a single lift from a featheredge to ½” deep
  • Sandable after 90 minutes
  • Forgiving. Self-healing polymers minimizes trowel lines
  • Longer working time. Maintains workability for 30 minutes at 70°F (21°C)
  • Permanent. RAECO SkimWall is a REAL Portland™ cement product and meets ASTM C-150
  • 3 Shades of Gray to match concrete colors
  • Very smooth. No large sand aggregates
  • Mixes with water only